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Mark Cantan is comedy writer / performer from Dublin. He has written material for radio, TV, film, theatre, internet, magazines and birthday cards. He produces material himself as well as working as a hired hand on other people's projects. He is also skilled at acting, video editing, sound recording / editing, music production, puppeteering, singing, clapping, and dancing around.


Mark is a big fan of earning money. This has always been something very important to him in his life. So if you have a piece of comedy writing in whatever format and you don't know how to get it done then you should email...Mark Cantan.







Mark Cantan is the product of a gentlemen's wager and the misuse of the word congenial. He was set up by the Society of Pleasantries to combat the ever growing malaise in the soft furnishings industry. He completely failed in this respect and was quickly put into storage when somebody's mother called round. He re-emerged two years later, however, with a new purpose in life. So far he has yet to tell anyone what that purpose may be but most people reckon it's something to do with the six foot battle axe he's regularly seen swinging above his head on top of his garden wall.


Growing up in Rathfarnham, Mark used his legendary quick wit to survive on the streets of this notorious middle class area of Dublin. Narrowly missing out on the role of Screech in 'Saved by the Bell: The College Years' (the role later went to Dustin Diamond), Mark decided to write his own 'Saved by the Bell: The College Years'. The results were disappointing. A good two feet taller than he actually is, Mark's spent most of his natural life trying to live down the rumours of his death in 1983 at the height of UB40's fame.



He made this webpage himself but weirdly likes talking about himself in the third person.